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Potato Beans Fry Without Onions

This is a simple recipe to prepare a dish that has potato as well as beans in it but no onions. Have you ever tasted this combination? If not then you must give this dish a try!!

Mustard Seeds
Giner and Garlic Paste
Masala Powder
Green Chillies

Step 1: Pour Oil into a frying pan.
Step 2: Add mustard seeds and then sliced potatoes as well as beans.
Step 3. Once these vegetables looses their raw taste, add salt and green chillies
Step 4:  Cook again for another 2 minutes. Later add masala powder
That's it! Enjoy your new Potato Beans Fry dish that will not taste in the usual way it would do when onions are added along with them. It really will make you get addicted to it. 

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