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Korean Skin Routine

Hi friends!

I seem to be impressed with a new skin routine that I have been following religiously these days. It is one of the famous and popularly the best known skin routine for a clear and healthy skin. It is the Korean Skin Routine.

Things needed:
Oil, Cleanser, Face wash, Scrub, Face mask, Toner, Sunscreen

Basic Steps:

Step 1: Massage oil onto your facial skin for about five minutes to remove dirt from the skin pores. I use Olive oil for this purpose. Use cotton ball or pad to remove the dirt.
Step 2: Apply cleansing milk and again massage for few minutes. This will also remove any remaining dirt from the skin. Use cotton ball again to remove the dirt. I use Ayur Cleansing Milk for this step.
Step 3: Next wash your face with a good face wash. I use Nutregena face wash. I do use a cleansing brush in order to avoid using my hand on my face.
Step 4: Use a gentle scrub on your face that has soft granules of scrubbing particles to gently remove dead skin cells from the skin. I use Everyouth Walnut Scrub.
Step 5: Apply a face mask that could be used daily for this step. Or limit it for once a week. Wash face after the mask dries. I use a face mask which is very gentle and less drying to my skin.
Step 6: Pat your skin dry with a towel. Apply few drops of toner onto a cotton pad and simply dab on your now soft skin to balance its PH level. I use Ayur Toner.
Step 7: Applying a good sunscreen is the last step. I use La Shield Sunscreen Gel because I have an oily skin.

That's it! Try for a week or two and you will surely be delighted. It does not take much of your time.

Try and let me know your results :)

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