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Remedy For Athlete's Foot

Hi friends,

Recently I travelled to a holiday resort in a village full of greenery and fresh air. It was drizzling moderately with cool mist. I enjoyed a delicious feast at one of the star hotels .During this period of happiness and comfort, I felt a bit down.

This feeling was of mild itching due to some fungal infection between my left toe fingers. The reason for this was due to me wearing high heels during moist climate. I was a little worried because it was a problem that could not be ignored and it was irritating me to the core. I was wondering what could help me get rid of this itchiness. As usual, my mother came to my rescue. She suggested me to first apply drops of lemon juice followed by a thick layer of Boro Plus cream. This had to kept for couple of hours and repeated for three days. The cream had to be continued to be applied on the infected part until the itchiness was completely reduced because this fungal infection is prone to happen again if not taken care. This cream also helps to get rid of the weird smell that results due to infection. Along with this ,a tea tree oil massage,once in a week, will also help to keep this infection at bay.
I was very lucky enough to buy this cream and oil on my journey so could manage this issue else it would have been tough for me to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of this village I had been to.

You also try it and let me know the results.

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