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Juice Cleanse For Your Body

Hi dear readers,

I recently read that Juice Cleanse is good for body if done correctly without starving yourself. I took up this challenge to give my digestive system three days of rest just to check if this cleansing method actually works or not. I have not ever tried this type of crazy methods of having only fruit juices in my diet so just thought of giving a try! So here is my review of my first ever Juice Cleanse..!

Three day diet routine:

Morning at around 8am: Lukewarm water with lemon and honey
Breakfast 9am: Carrot juice
Pre-lunch 11am: green tea without sugar
Lunch 1pm: Carrot/Apple juice
Post lunch 3pm : apple juice
Evening: green tea
Pre-dinner 7pm: Carrot/Apple juice
Dinner: Muskmelon juice without sugar
Post Dinner 9pm: Lukewarm water with mint leaves if required
If you really get hungry then having a fruit bowl during evening would not cause any harm to your diet.


Stomach gets  little rest for the first time ever!
Skin gets clearer! Seriously no breakouts to worry about..! Perfect solution for your Acne problem. It is temporary though because you are avoiding oily food in this method of cleansing your body during these 3 days!
You will feel more energetic because your body is getting rid of toxins!
You will be losing your belly fat in a good and easiest way as possible!
You lose your water weight!
Your loo would be having clearer liquid. You will not see any yellowish tint in it which will really boost you to continue this diet plan for the rest two days!
Your friends and relatives will surely ask you about your weight loss plan!

Headache on first day for a while which could be managed because your body is getting used to this method to be followed following 2 days.
You tend to feel hungry in between and this craving for food really need to be controlled. Please keep up with this diet plan because you arn't gonna lose anything by doing so!
This should be done only for 3 days or so because your body needs proper nutrition after these 3 days of Juice Cleanse period.
This method is best to be used during time of any important functions like yours or your siblings' marriage. It actually makes you look hot and sexy having proper weight within less time.

Try it friends and let me know your results!! Do not try it repeatedly. Six months once is fine though!

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November 16, 2017 at 7:39 PM ×

We cleanse our face everyday but we usually forget to clense our bodies. It is very important step. This article is very helpful. Thank you for sharing.


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