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Dal Curry

Recipe given by: Preethi

Time: 15 minutes to prepare dal curry
Servings: 5

Things needed:

Onions- 1
Garlic -7 pieces
Tomatoes- 2
Dal- half a cup
Green chillies-3 
Salt-As needed
Mustard seeds
Curry Leaves
Sambar powder-1 tsp

Step 1: Take a steel bowl. Add sliced onions, tomatoes, washed dal grains, garlic pieces(no need to mash them) and chillies into it.

Step 2: Keep this steel bowl in a cooker. If your cooker is a small one then no need to use a separate steel bowl to cook, you could put the ingredients into the cooker directly. If you want to cook rice also side by side in the same cooker only then a steel bowl is required to segregate the rice and dal curry bowls.
Step3: After four whistles turn off the cooker.
Step4: In a cooking pan put some oil, mustard seeds, curry leaves, little mashed garlic and the contents of the steel bowl that was kept in the cooker.
Step5: Add plain water to this bowl to make it less thick but make sure its not watery.
Step6: Once it starts boiling , add sambar powder and salt.
Step7: Let it boil for some more time and then turn off the flame.

That's it! Enjoy your dal curry with rice!

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