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How To Get The Marriage Certificate

Marriage is the sacred union of two souls. After getting married, you would plan to get a marriage certificate. Planning to get your marriage certificate done? Read on to know how you could acquire it. 1: Visit the Sub registrar office of your area. 2: Collect the marriage certificate application (2 copies). Form details: ·Details of the Bride ·Details of Bride Groom ·Proof of 3 members 3: Documents to be submitted: ·2B Size joint photograph (5 Nos.) ·Wedding card ·Copies of Id Proof and address proof of both Bride and Bridegroom (any of these-Passport/Adhar card/DL/ Voter ID) ·Marriage certificate application(you could get this at the Sub registrar office itself) 4: Hand over all the documents to the concerned personnel. 5: A computer operator will feed all the details and give a sample copy to check if there are any corrections to be done. If everything goes well, then you will get your marriage certificate done within half a day.
6: Actual Govt. Fees for the marriage certificate is 130…