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Review of MSM Cream

Hi readers,

Today I am going to review a special miracle cream called MSM cream. Why do I call it as a 'Miracle' cream? Read on you will get to know why.

Acne problem is a skin problem everyone go through atleast once in their lives. Some have very bad experiences with it, some who are lucky do not have much issues with it. When a pimple gets dry and leaves, it does not leave without leaving a mark unless a precaution is taken to make sure no marks are left behind. Some marks also knows as scars are so very noticeable which makes one feel low, guilty and lose confidence. In such times, thoughts that strike their minds are- 'I wish I had not popped the pimple that day! I should have left it as it is!'. Even if you did not pop the pimples while you were awake, you might pop them while you were asleep. How long can you instruct your brain not to pop pimples?  how can you instruct your brain not to pop during sleep? Next morning you will find a reddish spot in the place of a zit because the zit would have given a itching sensation and you would have unknowingly scratched and popped it. Scars that are flat will get healed and would not have any new texture when new skin grows but some scars called as 'pitted' as well as 'rolling' scars give a new texture to the wounded area. When light falls on it, anyone can notice it.
You feel like hiding your face with a scarf. The scar forms for a reason. The skin wanted something that could help it prevent from forming a new texture. It needed a cream that prevents the scar look different from regular skin. 
MSM cream is a cream that helps to smoothen the scars. Be it indented, pitted or rolling scars. It is an organic source of sulfur. Restores & repairs skin & collagen tissue.
Grapefruit seed extract helps to limit bacterial infection. This cream has this too!

Ingredients list:
Please find below the list of ingredients it contains.

Apply it on the infected area once in the morning and then at night before going to bed.

Active pimples gradually get dried and leaves without giving scars.
Pitted as well as rolling scars start to have even texture which makes it look less noticeable.

My experience:
The moment I got this cream, I just hoped that I get an experience that I was waiting all my years of life-'a clear unclogged pores and even textured skin', in short 'a flawless facial skin'! I washed my face properly, applied this cream. There was no irritation or tingling sensation. I was actually surprised because i feel every acne treatment cream would give some kind of sensation atleast, but this did not! It calmed my skin. I noticed a dryness on set on my face but I did not apply moisturizer. I let it stay overnight.

Next day, I washed my face with a mild soap. Wow! It had a wow effect on my face right from first usage. It brightened my skin and made it look like a less oily, actually dry, neat finish skin. I applied this cream again. I usually apply powder while being in office so I applied compact powder later on. I waited to see when I would see oil getting produced on my skin. Did not notice any till noon. Skin looked fresh and bright for long. 

At night, once again I applied this cream. I continued this routine because I noticed good improvements with skin. The pores looker smaller, skin tone was getting lighter and minor scars were fading. I started to fall in love with this cream! I was happy to try this cream. I am not going to stop using this cream. Finally found something that worked with skin infections at a fast rate. It clears active pimples without letting it raise scars after getting dried. It lightens tone so blemishes disappear with leaving marks. It takes care of pigmentation issues brilliantly. The pores' size gets minimized to an extent to get a flawless look for sure. I do not know how this actually works but with the ingredients it has I feel it does its work in a neat and a safe way! Try it guys!

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August 29, 2016 at 12:04 PM ×

Hi sandhya....which is best for open pores & acne scars...msm or mederma....

November 22, 2016 at 5:43 PM ×

Hi reader. Sorry for late response. Thanks for commenting. For open pores, toner is best. Pores cannot be permanently closed.It's size can be minimized. Use a toner after washing face with a mild cleanser. Apply a good toner with the help of a cotton ball over pores once a day. Sunscreen is a must. You will notice good results within a week of following this regime. Drink lot of water. Apply a face mask every week. Use primer under foundation for immediate results while going out to a function. It will conceal the pores and gives an even texture. It's a temporary solution. Do not forget to remove makeup before going to bed.

April 10, 2017 at 11:54 PM ×

I used a msm cream for a month I had good results as well but once I stopped using it again the scars started to appear on my face ( rolling and ice pick scars) .. My skin looks horrible

May 2, 2017 at 9:10 PM ×

Hi reader. You need to continue to use this cream until skin restores to its normal texture. You should not stop using it because of little improvement. Apply sunscreen before stepping out. Drink lot of water.

April 14, 2018 at 11:15 AM ×

Does it work on atrophic scars?


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