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Your Man Not Wearing His WEDDING RING. Does it matter??

wedding ring

 It was a cloudy day. Susan was standing near a bus stop when a friend of her, Lizy, just passes by. Lizy notices that Susan was not wearing the usual smile on her face so stops by.

Lizy- Hi Susan. Congratulations on getting engaged. Now waiting for the big day right? The ring reminds you that you are now engaged and you have a person excited to marry you. I am sure his ring also reminds him of the same.

Susan(smiles)- Thanks Lizy. Yes I am waiting for the big day but I am not sure if he is also eagerly waiting like me.

Lizy- Why? What makes u think like that?

Susan- He isn't wearing my ring on his ring finger. 

Lizy- So? 

Susan- That is the symbol that he is engaged to me right? He is not wearing it. Don't know why.

Lizy- Hahaha. You really think that the ring is the symbol for your engagement? 

Susan- Yes , when I can wear it then why the heck can't he also wear it?

Lizy- Chill. You are pondering over something that has no meaning. Don't waste your time.

Lizy sees that Susan wasn't convinced so she holds her hand and tells her something that makes Lizy's face to lit up.

Susan- See Lizy, not all men like to wear ring on their hands. For instance, men like to ride bikes at good speed and forget everything else for that moment just to enjoy the air that just blows gracefully on their faces. If the ring slips in between then he would have to worry about it because you would surely feel very bad like the way you are feeling right now. So he would feel its better to keep the ring safe in the box rather than to lose it. Guys who love to play basketball, would again think about the ring atleast for a minute because he would have to use his right hand very softly on the ball in order to make sure that there is no scratch on the ring(laughs). If you have faith on the guy you are engaged to then you need not worry about that shiny damn thing! The ring should not become a reason for you both to stay together. There might be some cases where the guy might purposefully not wear the ring because that ring would alert every girl that he meets that he is engaged. That would mean that he is still looking out for someone more special than you. That should never be the case. If you get any clues that he isn't wearing the ring for such an intention then you might have to actually worry else not, definitely not. The ring should never be the only reason to make you realize that he loves you darling!

Lizy- Wow! Thanks Susan. I was totally clueless little while ago but now I am clear . I need not worry. He is a gem of a person and I trust him (smiles). Bye!

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