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Your Man Not Wearing His WEDDING RING. Does it matter??

 It was a cloudy day. Susan was standing near a bus stop when a friend of her, Lizy, just passes by. Lizy notices that Susan was not wearing the usual smile on her face so stops by.
Lizy- Hi Susan. Congratulations on getting engaged. Now waiting for the big day right? The ring reminds you that you are now engaged and you have a person excited to marry you. I am sure his ring also reminds him of the same.
Susan(smiles)- Thanks Lizy. Yes I am waiting for the big day but I am not sure if he is also eagerly waiting like me.
Lizy- Why? What makes u think like that?
Susan- He isn't wearing my ring on his ring finger. 
Lizy- So? 
Susan- That is the symbol that he is engaged to me right? He is not wearing it. Don't know why.
Lizy- Hahaha. You really think that the ring is the symbol for your engagement? 

Susan- Yes , when I can wear it then why the heck can't he also wear it?

Lizy- Chill. You are pondering over something that has no meaning. Don't waste your time.

Lizy sees that …