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Marriage or Career?

Hi everyone,

If a girl had to choose between marriage and better job offer which one would she choose?

Marriage or Career
Marriage or Career

If it was the case of arranged marriage then there are high chances of choosing the latter because she would be more interested in working than getting married. What if it is a love marriage?

In love marriage, the girl will take less time to decide between the two. Obviously she would choose 'Marriage'! There are two main reasons for this. First, the effort she had put to make sure her love was accepted by the her family because not always a girl's love becomes successful just like that within few hours. Second, the girl would have waited for long for her beloved to make the first move to such a big step in life! The efforts and time spent for that special moment in life will seem pointless when the girl chooses the job offer over marriage.

Now, it may seem that the girl has taken a good decision to choose marriage over job offer but how can we be so sure? Lets say she stays in her current job never worrying about the future but there will be a small tension still prevalent in her mind. Tension is about having the confidence that she would require in future to get a better offer again....

If she has the confidence that she can face another interview once again then every night she will sleep well. What if she does not have that confidence? 
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