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Fruit of the earth Neem and Rosemary Cream Pack Review

Hi friends,

Today I am going to give a review on 'Fruit of the earth Neem and Rosemary Cream Pack'.

Fruit of the earth Neem and Rosemary Cream Pack, Modicare

My aunt gave me this cream pack and I was quite excited to use this one. I used it every night after cleansing face with a mild cleanser. I had slight acne marks and pigmentation before using this product. All started to fade. My friends also noticed the difference on my face. When the tube was almost empty, I searched on net and saw it on flipkart! I was so very happy and thrilled to buy this one. I bought two tubes !

Price: 145Rs

Fruit of the earth Neem and Rosemary Cream Pack, Modicare

Directions to use:
Wash your face with a mild cleanser like Nutregena deep clean foaming cleanser. Then let your skin dry for few minutes. Apply this cream pack on your face little by little. If you feel that the pack is not getting on your skin smoothly then add little water to the paste, but I prefer applying it without water. Let it work on your face overnight. No tingling sensation you will feel after you apply this pack! In the morning, wash your face with the same cleanser. 
Fruit of the earth Neem and Rosemary Cream Pack, Modicare

The pack gets absorbed by the skin in a very effective way. After washing face, skin looks bright and glows!
It dries up pimples, fades marks and lighten skin. 


Would I recommend you to buy:
Yes! Definitely!


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February 17, 2017 at 9:46 PM ×

Where can I get this product

February 17, 2017 at 9:49 PM ×

Where can I get it any idea I am not getting it online

February 24, 2017 at 4:04 PM ×

Hi Raju. You can buy the cream from the link provided in the post above. I added one to make it easier to buy it online. Click on the 'BUY' button to purchase it


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