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Solution for tiny bumps on face!

Hi everyone,

Recently I had been to my hometown and oh gosh, the climate was quite harsh on my skin. It was cold and dry. I had not taken any moisturizer. I was following a regime called caveman's regime. I was not using any cream on my face after cleansing the skin. So since I had not taken any moisturizer, my skin was very dry and due to which I started getting tiny bumps near hairline. These did not have any white stuff(pus) in them. As days went by I started seeing more and more ! I became worried.
I decided to check what could be done for this problem. First I made sure that i would not touch the bumps, because if you touch them then definitely you would see a pimple the very next day because your fingers would have bacteria in them which would cause it to produce pus. Somehow I convinced myself not to worry. Second I decided to check for a good toner. I ordered Kaya Skin Clinic Revitalizing Tonic! I Third I convinced myself that the pimples that I have got are not aggressive ones and they would go away if they are left alone.
It was time to leave my hometown. When I left my hometown, I told myself that my skin will definitely feel better soon.
I finally got the toner. I cleansed with clean and clear morning burst face wash and then followed with the toner. My god! My face had such a nice glow! Applied cetaphil moisturizing cream. My face was not dry anymore! What a relief! After 3 days , my skin started clearing up. I was quite happy!
I learnt a lesson. We should not let our skin get dry.  The toner had witch hazel, cucumber extract and niacinamide . These ingredients are really beneficial to our skin! It helps skin to clear up. Clears pimples, blemishes and tightens pores.
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