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Solution for tiny bumps on face!

Hi everyone,
Recently I had been to my hometown and oh gosh, the climate was quite harsh on my skin. It was cold and dry. I had not taken any moisturizer. I was following a regime called caveman's regime. I was not using any cream on my face after cleansing the skin. So since I had not taken any moisturizer, my skin was very dry and due to which I started getting tiny bumps near hairline. These did not have any white stuff(pus) in them. As days went by I started seeing more and more ! I became worried. I decided to check what could be done for this problem. First I made sure that i would not touch the bumps, because if you touch them then definitely you would see a pimple the very next day because your fingers would have bacteria in them which would cause it to produce pus. Somehow I convinced myself not to worry. Second I decided to check for a good toner. I ordered Kaya Skin Clinic Revitalizing Tonic! I Third I convinced myself that the pimples that I have got are not aggressiv…

2048 Tiles Union Game!

Swipe two same numbered tiles to merge into one. The goal is to reach 2048 tile!

Swipe to move same numbered tiles that would merge them into one. A tile numbered 2 will only merge with another tile numbered 2 resulting in a tile numbered 4. A tile numbered 4 could be then merged with another tile numbered 4 and so on. The goal is to reach the 2048 tile! Inspired by Gabriele Cirulli game available on web.

Features: • Different colored tiles that are totally appealing! • Helps you to relax and have fun • Seamless game play! • Improves your Maths knowledge • Competitive • Easy and fast download
Developer: SandhyaSaysItAll
Download from Google Play: