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Brighten face without using any bleaching cream!

Hi girlies,

First of all, thanks for sending me mails about why I had not been updating new posts. I was a little busy with my 'not so personal' life. Sorry for that. Well today I am finally writing a post. Hope you like this one too...

Yesterday after a long tiring yet beautiful day , I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered why I have been getting punished by Sun without any reason. Yes you are right! I was tanned. My skin is usually medium to fair color but yesterday I was looking a bit 'not so fair'. So , I started thinking about what I must do to make it little lighter.

At night I usually drink curd after having a nice decent dinner . I decided to use the same on my face. I applied and it gave me a nice cool feeling. My face felt a bit relaxed. I let it be overnight on my skin. Now, guess what happened in the morning.

I woke up, looked at myself and wow! I saw a very brighter skin. I was so surprised. I washed my face and then I found that my skin was lookin…