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Home Remedy : Temporary fix for pores!

Hi guys,
Hope you all are doing good! :-)
It has been so long since I posted my last blog named crawlers..Had been a bit busy...sorry :(
So what is it that I am gonna talk about today?? It is about porexia!!! yup you got it right ! PORES..!

I had been to a dermatologist to get to know more about my skin especially the pores....! :-O
She examined and told me that I need not worry about pores at that point of time because its not so prominent and I should only think about pimples(if I get one of those in future) :-D She said that pores appear because of pimples which is very true people!!
I had pimples but it cleared up ,thank god and my medication ! ;-) but i felt pores were still there....
Weird thing about my pores is that they vanish while I wash my face...:-D but return back when face dries....how could I make them look smooth??
Answer is simple! Use a toner....:) Many dermatologist say that its not necessary but what I feel is that if we really wanna get a smooth look instantly then choosing the right toner for your face is necessary :) and also to apply it :-P
Use a cotton to apply it on your face...especially near the pores...Its removes dirt and clears pores to an extent...You feel kinda cool effect and also tingling sensation wherever you apply it ..Probably the pores might be wiggling ;)
That's it ! A smooth look at a cheap cost ! :) Try it and I am sure you will love it ! Pores will surely appear smaller :) :)
Take care !
See ya!

Sandhya BP

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