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Home Remedy : Tea tree oil and olive oil massage

Hey readers,
Last night I felt that my face was looking tired so I gave it a nice gentle massage. Morning washed face with my cleanser and voila my skin thanked me a lot....:) So what was this massage for exactly????

Two oils which I felt were super good for skin were ready to gel with each other and work hard to remove dirt and stuff from my face. They were - Tea tree oil and extra virgin olive oil... :)
I pour required amount of olive oil and few drops of tea tree oil enough to cover my face. Mixed them and applied with my finger tips, then massaged gently. I could feel some dry skin here and there, especially near the t zone. I rubbed the area around the nose to remove dead skin cells. The oil massage will soften your skin ! :)
After this I just washed my hand and slept. I wanted the oil to get absorbed into my skin throughout night. These oils are non pore cloggers so didn't have to worry about leaving them overnight. In the morning , I cleansed my skin using my regular cetaphil oily skin cleanser and this helped me to remove the oil which had dirt along with it. Once this was done, the pores were clear and it was visibly clean. I didn't use any moisturizer till noon because I wanted to see the difference this would make to my skin.
Result: My skin wasn't oily till evening  and I didn't feel the need for any cream nor powder .The oils had fooled my skin not to produce too much of sebum that ends up with clogged pores which in turn would cause breakouts. The oils had indeed done a great job! ;)
Update: Been doing this for three days. The pores are shrinking in size. Its more clearer! Will continue for a week or so and update you guys !

Update: You definitely need to try this out guys!!! Its great!

Sandhya BP

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