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Slim and Sleek Lenovo S820 Review

Hi everyone!

Bought or to be precise, gifted myself Lenovo S820..!! ;) Great look. Red panel and it definitely has a girly look...! Looks like its just meant for girls :) Guys , u too can use it ;)

It has an operating system of Android v4.2(jellybean) .
Camera : Picture quality is too good. 12 MP but in its super lenovo camera app , we could choose 13 MP too. The above snaps have been clicked from the same. See it to believe it ! ;) You may get a doubt - "How was this snap taken because the phone is in the snap??".I will clear that . My friend has bought the same phone because she too loved it. So I clicked from hers :) Front camera is cool too.2 MP and great for video calling.
Speed: Awesome! 1.2Ghz.Its CPU is Quad-core Cortex-A7.
Memory: Internal 8gb, expandable upto 32gb.
Battery: Great! (Unless you plan to use it just for playing games !)
Music:Amazing bass and whatever else is needed to soothe your mind ! :)
Screen: 4.7 inches, slim and sleek phone. Display is qu…

Home Remedy : Tea tree oil and olive oil massage

Hey readers,
Last night I felt that my face was looking tired so I gave it a nice gentle massage. Morning washed face with my cleanser and voila my skin thanked me a lot....:) So what was this massage for exactly????
Two oils which I felt were super good for skin were ready to gel with each other and work hard to remove dirt and stuff from my face. They were - Tea tree oil and extra virgin olive oil... :) I pour required amount of olive oil and few drops of tea tree oil enough to cover my face. Mixed them and applied with my finger tips, then massaged gently. I could feel some dry skin here and there, especially near the t zone. I rubbed the area around the nose to remove dead skin cells. The oil massage will soften your skin ! :) After this I just washed my hand and slept. I wanted the oil to get absorbed into my skin throughout night. These oils are non pore cloggers so didn't have to worry about leaving them overnight. In the morning , I cleansed my skin using my regular cet…

Home Remedy : Temporary fix for pores!

Hi guys,
Hope you all are doing good! :-)
It has been so long since I posted my last blog named crawlers..Had been a bit busy...sorry :( So what is it that I am gonna talk about today?? It is about porexia!!! yup you got it right ! PORES..!

I had been to a dermatologist to get to know more about my skin especially the pores....! :-O
She examined and told me that I need not worry about pores at that point of time because its not so prominent and I should only think about pimples(if I get one of those in future) :-D She said that pores appear because of pimples which is very true people!! I had pimples but it cleared up ,thank god and my medication ! ;-) but i felt pores were still there.... Weird thing about my pores is that they vanish while I wash my face...:-D but return back when face could I make them look smooth?? Answer is simple! Use a toner....:) Many dermatologist say that its not necessary but what I feel is that if we really wanna get a smooth look instant…