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Hi friends,

Before I tell about the actual reason for writing this blog I would like to tell you a small story.If you do not have the time to read the story then skip to the next paragraph ..:P... This is a story told to me by my social studies teacher in my tenth class.

There was a servant in a rich lady's house who could not sleep at night.Whole day she would work , get very tired but still could not end up sleeping.The owner noticed her weary eyes and called her aside to enquire about her trouble.She tells her that every night when she feels sleepy and goes to bed , she couldn't sleep and has not been able to figure out the reason for it.The servant also mentions that unconsciously she is being engrossed into thinking about her tensions and worries and maybe that could be the reason for it.The rich lady smiles and then gives her a bottle of oil and says to her to apply that on her head.The servant applies it the same night and sleeps well.She comes the next day and informs her owner about it.The rich lady smiles and replies to her that the real reason behind her loss of sleep was not her worries but LICE! The lady had recognized this problem when she had found her scratching her head constantly. The oil had got rid of it..:)

Do you or your friend have problem of lice? It's nothing to be embarassed about.There is definitely a solution for it.It's called Perlice! (Courtesy: It is manufactured by Galderma India Pvt. Ltd)

Perlice Permethrin cream for lice

Wash your hair and towel dry it.After hair slightly dries ,apply the lotion on your hair.Rinse after 10 minutes.

Gets rid of lice.
No rashes.
No itching sensation after hair wash.
Nits fall sooner or later on their own :P

Didn't find any :)

Its safe and easiest way to get rid of those innocent blood sucking crawlers !

Sandhya BP
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