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Funny incident inside the lift

One day as I entered the lift in my office, I pressed 5 because that is the floor my work place is located at. Now what is funny in that??? Nothing :P When I pressed 5 with style, because few guys and girls wearing formals were also there inside ithe lift, I accidently pressed 2. :O :( Okay...I was embarassed because the only other button which was pressed was 9. 9 was the final floor where these formal guys were heading to.

As the lift moved up , I kept looking at the display hoping that it would not stop at 2, which was practically IMPOSSIBLE!!! There are two displays with buttons inside the lift.I was on the right side.There were a cool guy on the left.He wasn't wearing formals.I was embarassed even more.Why???? Because even if the formal guys do not giggle at me, the guy would surely laugh at me...:O

Okay, so the lift passed 1st floor and in the second floor the lift stopped..:O :O Oh god my eyes were twitching ,not because of stress people, I was manually doing it to feel like I am invisible.I didn't want to close my eyes and make it obvious!!

Then what happened?? My eyes stopped twitching :D Why so?? My eyes opened up wide because I saw the cool guy moving out. What the hell??? I was feeling tensed til now when I didn't really had to...??

I controlled my laugh but couldn't stop a smile to come on my face ;) When I reached my floor I moved out soon and started laughing but made sure that the formal guys don't get a chance to see my teeth :P

That guy had entered at the same time I had stepped inside the lift.He pressed 2 at the same time I had pressed 5...I realized later :D

Keep smiling people !! :)
See ya!

Sandhya BP

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April 24, 2014 at 8:27 AM ×

I wish I was there in that lift ;)

April 24, 2014 at 7:29 PM ×

this is really funny;)


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