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Best acne treatment!

Hi all, I had written a post regarding drinking amla juice! Not necessary that it must work with everyone..So what should the exceptional cases do??? :O :O Hmmm,you might feel its a pain to keep drinking the juice ..But its good guys! Now, after all these I felt I must try something different..I have oily skin...If pimples occur due to oil then better to eat less of oily foods..But like everyone else I also feel its not easy to avoid oily items especially junk food when they are so tasty and yummy yum yum...;)

If any day I eat lot of junk food , then that night I take a vitamin E tab...After that, I sleep peacefully thinking that vitamin E which has antioxidents would help to stop pimples from erupting for the next day :P It did stop pimples ;-)

Well I tried Nutregena wave sonic...n its awesome!!!!! Skin became sooo smooth :-) :-) i enjoyed using it for 1 week..it has salicylic acid that battles against pimples ;-) pimples were under control but I had pigments and was feeling a bit low.....It was time for me to buy a de-pigmentation cream n thats when I bought Meladyne cream :-) This cream has kojic acid which brightens up d skin and as a result pigments soon start fading :-) :-) You start looking fair ;-) I use this in the morning ...At night , I use kasturi manjal(miracle product for pimples and scars) ...In just one week , I saw results ...:-) After that ,I stopped using the cream for a while, just to check if the pigments returns back or not and d pigments did not come back...:-) Was very happy...:-) So I continued using it...It gives a soft and a supple skin look...pores appear clean and small.. I am plannin to start using wave sonic soon..:-) We must drink lots of water...I started drinking atleast 2 bottles of water...Will reach to upto 4 to 5 bottles soon ;-) Don't forget to wear moisturizer everyday...I love nutregena oil moisture moisturizer...:-* It keeps skin oil free...:-) Skin is slowing clearing up :-)
Best thing about my routine is that this routine consists less of chemicals B-) Anyway gals , try it n see for yourself...:-) Take care!
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