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Funny incident inside the lift

One day as I entered the lift in my office, I pressed 5 because that is the floor my work place is located at. Now what is funny in that??? Nothing :P When I pressed 5 with style, because few guys and girls wearing formals were also there inside ithe lift, I accidently pressed 2. :O :( Okay...I was embarassed because the only other button which was pressed was 9. 9 was the final floor where these formal guys were heading to.

As the lift moved up , I kept looking at the display hoping that it would not stop at 2, which was practically IMPOSSIBLE!!! There are two displays with buttons inside the lift.I was on the right side.There were a cool guy on the left.He wasn't wearing formals.I was embarassed even more.Why???? Because even if the formal guys do not giggle at me, the guy would surely laugh at me...:O

Okay, so the lift passed 1st floor and in the second floor the lift stopped..:O :O Oh god my eyes were twitching ,not because of stress people, I was manually doing it to feel li…

Blackstrap Molasses Benefits

Hi friends,

Did you know that there is a super item in the world??? No??? Then read on....

This is a sweetener which is awesome for us!!!! When we have our white sugar, why bother about about this sweetener which I am bragging about??

BECAUSE white sugar has no nutrients that are useful to us, infact it could cause health issues to sensitive people like me whereas the sweetener I am talking about provides a hell lot of nutrients and minerals!!!!

One tablespoon of Blackstrap Molasses is just enough to get all the minerals that our body needs.It could be added to water , stirred well until it dissolves ,later you could add ice ...That's it..Recipe is done!! Sip it!!!!

Water could be replaced with milk.When you plan to have a cup of coffee ,add this sweetener instead of white sugar. You could also take a tablespoon full of this wonderful product just like that.

What are the nutrients that this sweetener has???
Calcium, Vitamins A ,B and C, magnesium, iron, copper and many more...


Home Remedy: Beauty Secret for Clear Pores!

Hi friends,

Today I am going to tell about a beauty secret :-)
When can this beauty secret be used??? Read on ,you will know...
You view yourself in the mirror and find that yo facial pores are more visible and the reason for this is because they have become clogged..::O They are called as open pores!
There are many pores so we cannot dig the dirt from each one of them :-D Well a recipe does it !! What is that recipe????
Simple recipe :-)

Things required:
Chickpea flour aka besan
Kasturi manjal aka turmeric(optional)
Almond and apple (for that extra glow ;-) )
Mix chickpea flour,turmeric and milk .Add honey , crushed apple and almonds.Thats it !!!
Apply on face and wash after it dries.Apply once a week...:-)
The dirt gets pulled out *_* .Apply moisturizer after washing face if you feel your skin is dry.
Pores will appear smaller :-)
Turmeric and chickpea flour has an added advantage .Whats' that??
Its lightens facial hair and slowly makes it get convinced to pack t…

Best acne treatment!

Hi all, I had written a post regarding drinking amla juice! Not necessary that it must work with everyone..So what should the exceptional cases do??? :O :O Hmmm,you might feel its a pain to keep drinking the juice ..But its good guys! Now, after all these I felt I must try something different..I have oily skin...If pimples occur due to oil then better to eat less of oily foods..But like everyone else I also feel its not easy to avoid oily items especially junk food when they are so tasty and yummy yum yum...;)

If any day I eat lot of junk food , then that night I take a vitamin E tab...After that, I sleep peacefully thinking that vitamin E which has antioxidents would help to stop pimples from erupting for the next day :P It did stop pimples ;-)

Well I tried Nutregena wave sonic...n its awesome!!!!! Skin became sooo smooth :-) :-) i enjoyed using it for 1 has salicylic acid that battles against pimples ;-) pimples were under control but I had pigments and was feeling a bit …