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Home Remedy: Get a gulp of that Amla juice!!!

Hi everyone! A new day, a new thought. Today I am going to talk about a wonderful juice - Amla(gooseberry) juice ..... So what is so special about this juice??? Its specialty is that it has soooo many benefits...!!! I will let you know about the benefits ,one by one ,as days passes by.. Hmmm among all of the benefits , for a girl like me, the most important benefit would be to have a clear blemish free skin... Topical ointments do work but seem to be temporary... So its best to get to its root cause!!!! Amla juice is a blood purifier...It flushes out toxins from our body... I bought one of these to achieve a clear skin...:) Friends, I will post updates on it and let you know if it works !! Its been two days ever since I drank this juice...:) As of now, I have got few breakouts, but that is no reason to feel low...All 'good' products will make your skin to breakout and then it starts to clear it!! :) It tastes sour but its highly bearable...Later, it tastes sweet.. Keep waiting for my next update!!! Cya! Have a grt day ppl!!

Update after drinking Amla juice for a month:
Hi everyone, I was a little busy with my personal life that I couldn't find time for blogging. Sorry for that... Without any further delay, let me give you all an update about the amla juice which I had been taking for quite a while, exactly 1 month . This juice has really made me feel good about myself.How? I am sure this would have been the question that would have flashed in your mind ;) I was expecting a clear face, but that would require me to consume three bottles of this miracle juice .This expectation would get satisfied only after 3 months or so but there were an unexpected improvement which I found by drinking this juice and that is-----I lost cholestrol ...EXCESS FAT..!!! Yes guys, I am not joking !!! Belly fat reduced and this was another reason for me to continue drinkin it!! :) :) Face was prone to pimples but this juice made that to become less.Chances of hormonal acne was still there near the chin(1 or at most two pimples) but only during those days! I will continue for another 2 months or so...I want this juice to surprise me more!!! :) Will update the next update as soon as possible.:) Keep waiting people! Update: Its really good...But once you stop taking it, pimples come back(small ones)..So better to stick with it!!! :)

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October 10, 2013 at 7:51 PM ×

Will try this one soon!!!! :)

October 10, 2013 at 7:54 PM ×

New update seems to be inspiring...;)


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