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Home Remedy: Get a gulp of that Amla juice!!!

Hi everyone! A new day, a new thought. Today I am going to talk about a wonderful juice - Amla(gooseberry) juice ..... So what is so special about this juice??? Its specialty is that it has soooo many benefits...!!! I will let you know about the benefits ,one by one ,as days passes by.. Hmmm among all of the benefits , for a girl like me, the most important benefit would be to have a clear blemish free skin... Topical ointments do work but seem to be temporary... So its best to get to its root cause!!!! Amla juice is a blood purifier...It flushes out toxins from our body... I bought one of these to achieve a clear skin...:) Friends, I will post updates on it and let you know if it works !! Its been two days ever since I drank this juice...:) As of now, I have got few breakouts, but that is no reason to feel low...All 'good' products will make your skin to breakout and then it starts to clear it!! :) It tastes sour but its highly bearable...Later, it tastes sweet.…