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The Seven Islands Of Love Part 30(Final part)

Seven Islands Of Love Part 30

Jenny had a very serious look on her face…She slowly wipes her tears… Travis-What is the problem exactly? Sam-That…(Looks at Jenny and then at Travis)..We need to reverse three curses and then everything will be fine…. Jenny was shocked that Sam didn’t open up with Travis about the matter for which she and Sam were discussing or rather fighting over, a few seconds back…. Travis-Three curses? I know just one… Sam-Jenny is done with one of them…The rest two are left…. Travis-Okay lets try to reverse them then…Not a big deal! Jenny-It is a big deal….! We don’t have much time..We need to do something before Sophie gets her love back! I am not sure if I know about the third curse….Sam says it must be something related to him being a dwarf…. Travis-What does the book say ? Sam-Let me see… Jenny had three mysteries to solve….All the three tell her three important facts of love…..She solved the first one very gracefully….The message was that looks does not matter… Jenny got to know about the next curse too…She wonders how to solve it…It was a curse that Sophie alone could reverse… Travis-Oh that’s good…So we will ask Sophie’s help .. Jenny-She can’t help …She won’t also… Travis-Why can’t she? Sam-Because she will be ready to help only after she gets Max back in her life..Otherwise why would she?? Travis-Okay lets ask her help after she and Max get back together(smiles) Jenny-No…The book says that after she unites with Sam her curses will never get reversed…. Sam-Guys ….listen to this… If Jenny solves the third curse then the second one can get solved very soon after that…. Travis-Okay..Lets figure out the third one… Sam-We know about the third one….Its turning me back to normal…. Jenny-But Sam…You were not cursed right? So we can’t consider that…. Travis-Yeah bro! She is right… All three start pondering about what the curse might be…. Travis-Lets ask Sophie (winks) Jenny laughs…Sam smiles…Travis looks at Jenny and smiles….Sam sees Travis’ eyes…He sees Travis’ love for Jenny in them…He silently smiles…He plans for something in his mind…. Sam-Travis? Travis-Huh? Sam-Hmmm you leave…Go back to your island and carry on with your work…We will manage….Right Jenny? Jenny-Why Sam? We need Travis.. Words start appearing in the book… Finally it was time for Jenny to solve third mystery…. Travis-Its fine..I will stay till we get a solution to the problem… Sam-No need…We can manage…You leave…. Jenny-Sam..We need him… Sam-It not ‘we’, its ‘you’ who needs him… Travis-Bro , what are you telling?? Sam-What are you doing in between us? You can go…Go and enjoy your life….Meet new people, make new friends, get married and get settled…. Jenny-Sam… Sam-What Jenny? Ain’t I telling the right thing? Jenny-Okay.. okay …(looks at Travis) Sam(to Jenny)-I am there here… Enough right? Jenny-Yeah ..yeah… Sam-So Travis..leave…Find a good girl and marry her soon…(smiles) Jenny was feeling discomfort…She whispers to herself, “why am I acting like this?” Travis-Okay I will go… Sam-Are you sure you want to leave? Travis-What is wrong with you? Sam-What are you doing with your life? Jenny-No Sam…Stop it… Sam-No Jenny …I need to tell him…Travis, you need to know something Travis-What? Sam-Jenny loves you! Travis couldn’t believe his own ears….He was stunned….! Travis-Really? No… Sam-Yeah…its true….. Jenny-No… Sam-Fine..Go Travis… Jenny-Okay let him go…I don’t care… Sam-We will get to know…. Travis-I am leaving! Sam-If you leave soon it will be good… Jenny-Why are you acting so rude Sam? Travis starts walking away from them… Sam-Don’t look at him… Jenny-Okay! I don’t care! Sam-Let me see…. Jenny’s heart was beating faster…Sam shows the book to Jenny and … Sam-This book told me that at this point of time one of the brothers would survive…A twister would come and take way one of us into a land of fire ….The one, who stands near you ,would survive and thats me! So unfortunately I had to tell Travis to go..You want me anyway right…? Jenny-Sam!!!! Sam-Don’t turn back…Oh …The twister had come..Thank god I am safe… Jenny-What’s wrong with you Sam? Sam (brings her closer to him)-you want me right? Forget about him…. They look into each others’ eyes….Sam’s eyes were wet..Jenny was fuming with anger… Jenny-Let me go! Sam-Jenny you love me right? Don’t turn back…Oh my god…It is taking him…! Thank god I stayed with you! Gosh! He is gone…Forever! Jenny-No…No….What kind of a brother are you??? He sacrificed his love for you and this is how you repay him?Disgusting!! (Starts to cry loudly and turns back ) Travis was still there, walking slowly.. Jenny-huh? Sam-(laughs and then becomes serious)Your tears are telling that you love him…. Jenny-Sam…Is this a joke? Sam-Sorry Jenny…I acted all this while…To make you realize about your true love….It is Travis not me! Jenny-But Sam.. Sam-I am fine..Actually now you have found true love…Go to him ..Otherwise you will lose him…Go! You can’t live without him…. Jenny looks at Travis…. Sam-Jenny? Jenny-Huh? Sam-Ring…(Points to her ring) You will get a new one! (winks and then few tears rolls down on his cheeks) Jenny too cries a little…They hug each other….She gives back his ring.. Sam- Go now and get him…. Jenny-Thanks Sam and I am sorry…. She runs to Travis…. Jenny-Travis? Travis turns around wiping his eyes….. Travis-Yeah Jenny…. Jenny-What would make you very happy?(winks) Travis-You (winks and then his eyes fill with water again) Travis looks away to hide those watery eyes of his…. Jenny-Then propose me again….(smiles with happy tears) Travis looks at Jenny’s eyes …. Travis-Are you sure? Jenny nods her head to say yes and looks at Sam…. Sam(smiles at both)-See you both later! I will keep this book here on the ground…(goes away) Travis-Jenny? Jenny(now looks at him again)-Propose me soon or else I will only do it! (winks) The cool breeze fills up between them…. Travis-I… Jenny-Love you too! (smiles and hugs him) Travis (closes his eyes and enjoys the moment)-Love you.. Jenny felt something special in this hug…… Travis-I am so happy but Sam? Jenny-He is too…(smiles) The book shimmers! Jenny-Hey come with me….the book is shining! She opens the book…. Jenny realizes about her true love and hugs Victor, Travis Victor……With this realization , the third curse gets broken…. Jenny-Travis…Curse is broken!(hugs him again) Travis -So what next? The message behind this was that one must follow his heart….! Travis smiles and kisses her…..After sometime… Travis-Lets finish the remaining work…Lets go to Dwarf’s island…. Both go to the land of seven trees… Jenny-Hey see the name of the fourth island…. Travis-Okay sweetheart.. Jenny blushes…. Travis-Hmmm ‘Blossom of….’ Jenny-Of? Travis looks at Jenny and smiles… Jenny-Love? Travis gives her a flying kiss….. They soon enter the Dwarf’s island and wait for Max to show up….Sophie comes first…. Sophie-Ready Jenny? Jenny was tensed…Travis holds her hands… Jenny-Yeah Sophie..Max will be here soon… Max comes holding a gift… Travis-How sweet of Sam…He has brought a gift to Sophie…. Jenny-Yeah…But Sophie didn’t bring anything…(acts as though she is sad) Sophie( was shocked)-Yeah he has brought a gift for me….(smiles) But i didn’t(becomes sad) Jenny-Hmmm…What gift can Sophie give Max?(acts as though she is really worried and and blinks one of her eyes at Travis ) Travis-Oh yeah…I know..She could do something good for him…Like reverse the curse on Sea of love island… Sophie-Oh oh I will…. She reverses it quickly …. Jenny smiles at Travis… Max comes and gives the papers to Jenny and looks at Sophie…..Jenny gives back his phone and apologizes for stealing it..He forgives her with a broad smile.Jenny sticks the papers and starts to read….In the meanwhile…. Max-How are you Sophie? Sophie-I am fine…you? Max-Same here…You draw so well…(smiles) Sophie-Draw? Travis-Oh crap! I need to divert them(interrupts Sophie)You know Max, Sophie reversed the curse of Sea of Love island…..(smiles) Max-how nice.. Sophie blushes…. Jenny reads… The second curse was broken and a message was passed that distance does not matter in love…. All the curses were broken and soon everything returned to normal…..Everything started to change …Jenny meets Melina and other friends…. Jenny was very happy to read it…. Max-Sophie, I don’t want to waste more time..Will you marry me?(shows a ring) Sophie-Oh…Yes…. I will….(smiles and accepts his proposal) Travis-That was quick!….(smiles) Jenny-What if they both find out about our plan later on? Travis-It won’t even matter…(winks) A twister arrives all of a sudden and takes all of them to the seventh and the final island. All were present here….Melina, Lorena, her mother, Harry, Twirl, Swirl, Pearl , Whirl and all those whom Sophie had met on her journey..Even the girl who made Jenny feel jealous …. Jenny-Travis, Don’t you dare look at that girl…. Travis-Sure madam(smiles) “But I can look at her “, a voice is heard.It was Sam’s…He had got back his normal self….He winks and starts talking to the girl…. Sophie and Melina start behaving as sisters…Sophie apologizes to Melina….Swirl and Pearl get their real self back..They were no longer mermaids… Sam-Hey Jenny, you have a surprise…..(winks) Two people walk to the front … Jenny-Samantha?James? Samantha hugs Jenny…..They talk for sometime…James smiles… Melina-I am happy for you Jenny…You chose Travis as your life partner…. Jenny smiles…. Travis-Hey Jenny….Will you marry me? Jenny-No! Travis-He forces the ring into her ring finger… Jenny-Ouch..Okay okay! I will ! (smiles) Everyone laughs!!!! Jenny decides to stay in this wonderful world with these lovely people and feels this is where she was meant to be!!!!….. The book flies up in the air and shines like a block of gold ….Then disperses into chunks of golden pieces and shimmers all the way to the grounds and sends across a message …… THE END


  1. Awesome Story. Nice work. :)

  2. Wow Sandhya..Very Nice story…U have given a nice end :)

  3. Nice ending….. :)
    Waiting for your next story…. ;)

  4. Very Super and Amazing ending…..:) :)

  5. Thank you so much readers for reading the story “The Seven Islands Of Love ” :) Your comments and likes inspired me to write such a long story :) …..Thank you once again…:)
    Best Regards,

  6. Awesome story yaar.

    Nice Ending…….Waiting for your next story sandy… :-)

  7. very nice ending….
    keep writing stories like this Sandhya……
    waiting for your next new story….:)

  8. how can her love change from sam to travis ………… this is not gud :( otherwise story is good

  9. She realized later that her true love was Travis and not Sam…:) So she couldn’t stop herself from going to him ….:)

  10. mine also same question as monica above , how can her love change all of a sudden ……..?
    sam has been left alone n its incomplete now.
    except last part all others were very good

  11. Those few days that she spent with Travis were very special to her so she started loving him…

  12. Awesome story and a lovely ending……I like the imagination in the story and description of each and every minute things in the story….Keep it up !!!! :)

  13. Awesome story & wonderfull ending…

  14. Nice story … i really loved it ……. :)

  15. +1 to monica and ushyh
    She came in search of SAM. She solved the mystery for SAM. Atlast how can her love changes to travis?

  16. She realizes later that Travis was right for her……:) She just had an infatuation with Sam not love….

  17. Hi Sandy, Awesome story but how she changed her love. Jenny and Sam loved eachother. How can she love Travis again… :-( . How travis can take the love of his brother?
    I felt sad at that point. :-(

  18. He did sacrifice at first right? But later when he came to know that Sam had no problem with it ,he got back with her…:)

  19. Superb Story writing skills… long way to go sandhya..

  20. Most people are not good in choosing their love in the first time itself..!!!!
    story is good..!!!!!
    Read the entire story within a day itself..
    Gud work Sandhya..!!! :)


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