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Simi's desire

Simi was sitting on her bed with laptop on her lap. She kept looking at the blank screen as though waiting for something or someone to come out of it. She did not have any friends at college.She was feeling lonely.The laptop was her best friend.She had lovely ebooks on it that would take her to a different world.She thought that she did not need anyone. She would not go anywhere without it.

One night , while Simi sat on the windowsill watching outside, she heard an unfamiliar voice. The voice was so sweet. It was a guy’s voice. She wondered how a guy’s voice could be so nice.She looked towards the side from where she was hearing this pleasant voice.

Simi is very eager to know about the amazing voice. She is trying hard to see him, moving her head up and down, left to right but not able to get even a small glimpse of the guy. All she can see is a big tree with long branches and thick leaves .’Oh giant tree please let me see his face just once’, she pleaded the tree but the tree was so arrogant and stonehearted. A strong wind blew. Few of the branches moved. Now she could see the guy’s legs .But she isn’t happy with just that.She started cursing the tree .She wanted to chop the tree inch by inch.She was very angry. First time in her life she has got the desire to see a guy.

Simi was a smart girl .How long would a smart girl act stupid? She could have seen his face by just getting out of her house right?After cursing tree to her heart’s full content she went down to open the main door. ‘Ring ring’ the phone rings. Would Simi ignore the call and go to see the guy? What if the call was too important not to be ignored?

Well, our Simi thought that the desire to see the guy can wait….She answers the phone.’Hello, who is it on the other side?’, she asks, suppressing the desire which was urging more and more. ‘Hello madam, would you be willing to take a loan from us and the interest rates are also very lo….’ ,she kept the phone in a bang. Yes yes that was very rude of her to do like that but you and me know that there is a reason behind it so we could excuse her for once right? Lets get back…

Now there stood nothing between her and that guy’s cute(or ugly) face. Lets not assume things right? lol….She went and opened the door and there, he was , playing in the basketball court wearing white tees and blue jeans.

Her heart was pounding and she kept seeing him , waiting for him to turn around, praying ‘let him be cute ,cute ,cute…’. Finally he did.He was in perfect shape and any girl could fall for him.His face was not clear and Simi had to move closer to him .But why would she do that ? Then the guy would surely think something wrong of her.Its obvious right? But there was a way to do this. She knew this game he was playing .Her dad had taught her how to but that was very long ago .She was very reluctant to learn about this game because she was always liked reading , reading and reading. She thanked her dad a million in her heart for teaching her and started walking towards him.

Simi's desire Part 2

Simi walked towards the handsome guy. She was able to see his cute face more clearly. She continued to walk closer to him .He was busy playing and so hadn’t given much attention to our poor little Simi. She was now inside the court. She badly wanted to say ‘hi’ to him. The guy’s phone started ringing and that meant that Simi had to wait for some more time for him to be free to talk to her.

After a while, “come on , enough of chatting on phone, its not a good thing to make a girl wait for so long”, she thought in her mind. She did have a lot patience but today that word had no meaning in her dictionary. “Any minute he will become free dear so be ready”, she motivated herself.The guy kept on talking on phone . Simi’s excitement level was still high. She stared at his tees’ logo.It was a brand which she too liked.Finally the guy was done talking on phone.Simi took a long breath and let it out slowly to calm herself because now her heart was beating very quickly.”Okay now is the time, all the best Simi”, she said to herself.

She opened her mouth to say hi but…… “hiiiiiii dear” was the words which came out of , not her mouth, but a person who was standing behind her……Simi was drumstruck and she turned back to look at that person…

Simi’s eyes widened as she stood there like a dumb girl without knowing what to do. In front of her eyes stood a beautiful girl with amazing eyes and long shiny burgandy hair. She was also in perfect shape like the guy.The girl passed by Simi and went towards the guy…

Simi was devastated.She wanted to run away from there.She didn’t want to see the guy now and started walking her way back home . ‘Hey turn back once and see if they both are dating each other, don’t assume things dear’ , her inner voice said to her.But she ignored it and continued back home.

Simi reached home but didn’t want to go inside. She decided to take a walk to the supermarket. She wanted an ice cream very badly now as she had this habit of eating ice cream whenever she felt sad and that would make her feel better. She reached and went near the ice cream stall. She saw the menu but could not decide which to buy so she looked at the ice creams kept in the display.

“Finding it hard to decide?”, said a voice, a familiar sweet voice . Simi was sure that she knew this voice and she immediately looked at the person talking to her now. ‘Oh god, its him’, inner voice said to her.It was the same cute guy she had seen in the basketball court. She was very glad to see him there but the excitement was only shortlived. “Yeah, there are so many choices but its so hard to choose one”, she replied to him. The guy smiled and said “Fine then let me choose one for you, is that okay with you?”.’Tel him yes and don’t worry about him having a girlfriend or girl friend..Who knows ..Maybe that girl is not his girlfriend at all..chill..take a chance’, she convinced herself.Now it was Simi’s turn to smile and that is exactly what she did indicating a big “Yes”.

Simi's desire Part 3

Simi is waiting for him to choose a flavour for her. Within a minute he chose an ice cream with orange at the base, strawberry at the top and pista sandwiched in between them. She loved the combination and thanked him. She opened her purse to pay but the guy insisted that he would pay.”No its okay,I will only pay for it”,Simi pleaded him. “Come on, I am completely fine with it”,he replied back with a smile. She blushed but made sure that he didn’t notice it. “Thanks once again, but you didn’t have to do it actually”,she told him quickly. “No problem”,he smiled again. He got his items and started to make a move. Simi was still looking at him thinking that he would say something more. But he just walked towards the exit.She too followed him and felt as though her legs were taking her closer to him on its own. She abruptly stopped near the exit still staring at him. The guy kept the things in his car and took out his phone to call someone. She started walking again and when she was closer to him , she took her eyes off him unwillingly. “Bye-bye”, the sweet voice was heard again. Simi, astonished, turned back and told “bye..bye.”. The guy kept his phone inside his pocket and while doing this,he asked-”By the way can I to ask you something…?”.She was surprised that he wanted to talk with her for some more time….she was v happy ..”Sure”, was her reply.

Simi’s heart started beating faster again…What might he ask? She started eating the ice cream to divert her mind from this tension .”He might ask for my number.No before that, he might ask for my name….”, she told herself. He was silent for a some time and then he said, “Finish it first, then lets talk “. Simi felt like gulping the entire thing into her mouth just to listen to his ‘question’.She is a normal human being like us so she possibly cannot do tat right? So she managed to eat big chunks of it. Finally she finished it.”I am done”, she informed him .All of a sudden it starts to rain.Oh my god.This isnt happening.Poor Simi.She now starts cursing the rain too like she had done to the tree.The guy says “We better go and find better place to talk. We can sit in my car till it stops raining if that is fine with you”.Simi accepts because she didn’t like getting wet in the rain. Simi feels warm sitting inside his car.There was a nice fragrance lingering in his car. The guy-”I don’t like rain…. it makes me feel low “. Simi-”oh …even I don’t like it……now actually……..I used to love it before but nowadays I fall sick often so I had to start hating it(she laughs) “. The guy-”Oh like that….” It starts to pour heavily….. The guy-”This rain may not stop so soon…Shall i give you a drop to your place?” Simi-”hmmmm (looking outside) okay.I stay in…”. The guy-”I know the place…” Simi-(puzzled) “oh….how do you know?” The guy starts the car and drives it out of the parking lot slowly.When he reaches the main road he turns on the music.A very light music.He keeps the volume at minimum level. Now Simi is slightly sad that he didn’t answer to her question .She waits for his answer in silence.After few minutes she starts thinking about the ‘question’ he wanted to ask her.She immediately decides to ask him about it. Simi-”You wanted to ask me something right?” The guy-”Yeah..” Simi-”Shoot” They reach her place.He stops the car.Releases the automatic lock of the door. The guy-”Its too late now.You better get inside your home.I will see you someother time.Bye”. Simi-(dissapointed but does not show it off)”Okay…(unwillingly steps out of his car).. bye..thanks for the drop”. The guy smiles at her and starts the engine.Simi looks away from his car and starts walking towards the gate…She sees a pure milk white cat sitting near it…”Hello Kitty…Don’t stare at me like that…He is just my….(stops and wonders what to say) leave it…His name is….Oh my gosh..I forgot to ask him about his name….How stupid I am!!”.She quickly turns back but alas! …he had already vanished from there……..

Simi's desire Part 4

Even after knowing that the guy had left the place ,Simi still looks at the spot where his car was....She imagines him still being there...Him stepping out of his car...Him smiling at her....... "Simi!!Its too cold outside.You will fall sick...Get inside soon..."It was her mom calling out to her."Coming mom", Simi replied back ...she opens the gate , checks her letterbox and finds some letters in it..She takes them, walk up to the the main door , opens it and....turns back to see the special spot for the last time for that night. She feels sad and her eyes get a little wet. She didn't want to cry because he had told her that he would see her someother time. Simi' mom- Dinner is ready.I have got to go to office early tomorrow so I am going to sleep now.You too sleep soon.Even you got to wake up early right? Goodnight dear.Love you. Simi- Okay mom.Love you too. She keeps the letters on a shelf. She wasn't feeling hungry so she went to her room. When she opens her room door, she sees the cute guy ."Oh my God.I must be dreaming", she said to herself.Actually she was imagining him being there.She was so into him that she had started hallucinating about him.She believed it or rather she wanted to believe it even though she knew that he was not actually there.She went in but the guy was telling her to move out of her room. Simi-What? You can't send me out of my room.Just because you are cute and adorable, it doesn't mean that I have to listen to whatever you say to me. The guy-(smiling)No...You can't enter without having your dinner. Simi-(laughs sarcastically)I ain't going to listen to you. The guy-Fine, your wish. He shuts the door. Simi-(with anger)How mean! Open the door ! you ! you !(she calms herself down then says) I can't even scold you because you are so cute. Fine.You can stay inside for tonight. She goes , sits on the couch and turns on the tv.She takes the remote to change channel and all of a sudden someone appears...Yes you guessed it right..It is him again.He takes away the remote from her and tells her again to have something.But she again ignores him. She gets up and goes outside.He follows her . Simi-Why are you doing this? The guy-You have your dinner and then do whatever you please. Simi-You won't go from here otherwise is it? The guy-Yeah exactly. Simi-You know what? Don't leave.I don't want you to leave(laughs). The guy-You want me to stay here? Simi-Yes absolutely because I like you truly madly deeply(smiles). The guy-okay, then you must eat now. Simi-(after a long time of silence)Okay I will do as you please because I want you to stay here..... The guy gives her a smile. Simi-I must say you are quite good in manipulating others' mind. The guy-I don't know about others' but in your case, yes I am damn good, and thank you. Simi gives him a broad smile and goes inside to have her dinner.He stays there until she was done having her dinner.She washes her hands .He gives her a napkin. Simi-Thanks. The guy-You are welcome madam . After that she goes to her room.He follows her.He opens the door for her and she enters.She turns back to look at him. The guy-Okay..Time to sleep..Goodnight.Sleep well. Simi-Yeah goodnight. The kitty comes into her room at this point of time and sits on her right feet.She takes it in her hands and gives it a goodnight kiss.She then looks at the door but she does not find him there..She, anyway, smiles happily and heads to her bed.

Simi slept like a baby that night.She was seeing him in her dreams too.Even in her dreams the cute guy wanted to ask a ‘question’ which he wanted to ,in reality too, but then he would soon vanish after that so she didnt get to know about this ‘I badly want to know’ question finally in either of the worlds . Her alarm rang, she woke up and looked at the sky outside.It was very clear and the sun was rising .For a few minutes she thought about the previous day .Right from the time she met the cute adorable guy to the time he had wished her goodnight.She felt as though it was a wonderful dream.She smiled and slowly something came crawling towards her inside her bedsheet.She was not surprised.”Why did you wake up so soon baby?”, saying it she held the cat in her hands.She kissed and let it down .”Time to go to college Simi”, she reminded herself. She cleaned up her room and then soon got ready.She took her bag and went to the dining room.She took an apple and started eating it.Then she started checking the letters one by one.At the same time her college bus stopped in front of her home.Simi had to leave now .She saw that there was a letter for her.She didn’t have time to read it so she kept it in her bag.She locked the door and rushed to the bus. A girl had injured herself so had to walk slowly to the bus so the bus driver was very kind enough to wait for her. She was Simi’s neighbour.Till she climbed ,our Simi looked at the basketball court.She saw few guys playing there .Simi looked at the guys very closely just to confirm that the cute guy was not there .But …..he was there!…. What? Really?Then she must get down and run to him!……You are right .But she couldnt.Why? Because just a minute before she set her eyes upon this cute guy, her neighbour, the injured girl, requested her to help her climb the bus. So she had to suppress her urge to meet him.She helped her to climb the bus.Simi then quickly took a seat near a window through which she could still see the basketball court. The handsome guy was lookin even more cute than he was ,the previous day.The bus slowly moved and she kept staring at him as long as her eyes could see him… Simi reached her college within no time.She helped the girl to get down because she was sitting right next to her.The girl thanked our Simi .Simi was in a hurry to rush to class so she just managed to give her a smile….

Simi's desire Part 5

Simi went to her class. She was a bookworm and always stood first in her class. Today she wasn’t interested to sit there because she was feeling diferent.She wanted to go out.Nevertheless she didn’t do injustice to her books.She did try to concentrate in class.It was a bit difficult for her to do this because ‘he’ was on her mind .Soon it was lunch break.She went out and looked around. She liked the atmosphere outside her class.Sun was not so hot and there was cool breeze everywhere . There was a garden filled with lovely flowers and a beautiful fountain too.She stood near the fountain and felt like it was drizzling when tiny droplets of water fell on her.She closed her eyes and enjoyed it.She decided to sit and have lunch there.She took out her lunch box and after sometime a voice was heard saying “Can I join you?”.It was a girl’s voice. Simi turned and soon recognized the girl.This girl was the same girl that Simi had helped that morning. Simi-”Sure” The girl introduces herself. The girl-”Hi, my name is Sanjana.I am your junior”. Simi-”Hi..I am Simi.”(They shake hands) Sanjana-”I am your new neighbour.Hope you have not noticed.” Simi-”Oh Yeah.Been busy for a while”. Sanjana-”You are very reserved right? You don’t talk to anyone.You are always alone. ” Simi-”You can say that.” Sanjana-”I have seen your mom but I didn’t get a chance to see your dad.” Simi-”He is working in abroad.He seldom visits but sends gifts through my other relatives.He misses us a lot and we too miss him” Sanjana-”I too missed my parents when I was away from them.I was with my brother in the U.S .I did my schooling there.” Simi-”Oh okay….By the way why did you risk yourself and come this far to have lunch here in garden?” Sanjana-”My brother helped me.He had come to check on me just to see if I am alright.He loves and cares about me a lot.” Simi-”That’s so sweet.I don’t have any siblings.” Sanjana-”Come home sometime” Simi-”Sure” Sanjana-”Hey today evening after class my brother will come here to pick me up.Why don’t you also come? He is bringing his car.” Simi-”No its okay.I need to return some books to the library so I will be leaving late.” Sanjana-”Fine.” Simi-”Okay I am done.I will go to class now. Coming?” Sanjana-”No.My brother is here somewhere.He will come to take me to class” Simi-”Okie dokie.Will see you later .Bye” Sanjana-”Bye” As Simi walked she started thinking about something.A question popped up in her mind . But before she could think more about it she had reached her classroom.She was late by a minute so her teacher sent her out.She walked away without feeling sad because she was anyway not interested to sit in class today.She went to library to return books.She opened her bag and took out the reference books.Put them on the librarian’s desk softly.The librarian checked and took them back.Simi wandered around the library to pass her time looking at different text books, novels and magazines.Just cover pages.She wasn’t interested to read any , today.After some time she got bored.She looked outside the window.She saw guys playing football in the playground and three girls sitting in the garden ,gossiping in each other’s ears and laughing ……Then she saw her junior with someone.That guy was helping her to walk.Something struck her eyes.What is it? Yeah you guessed it right…It was HIM. “Oh my gosh”, he is her brother!

Simi's desire Part 6

Simi couldn’t believe her eyes….She recalls Sanjana telling her ”Hey today evening, after class, my brother will come here to pick me up.Why don’t you also come? He is bringing his car.” Her inner voice tells her to join her as soon as possible.Simi blushes and starts walking towards the library’s exit.”Miss Simi!!”, the librarian called out to her. “Yes mam..”, Simi stops and looks at the old lady wearing thick black glasses. “You left something here on my table.Please pick it up”,she tells our Simi and then goes away .”What did I leave? “, she tries to guess…she looks at the table and finds her letter there..”Oh yeah..This is the letter which I had kept in my bag this morning!”, she smiles and leaves the library. “Let me read this letter later .I don’t want to miss this golden chance of being with the cute guy”, saying this she blushes again.She walks to the main gate of the college.”I need to find Sanjana…Where wil she be…?”, says and she looks around….She finds her getting into the car with the cute guy’s help.She soon starts walking towards his car.The guy too gets inside , starts the engine and starts moving slowly.Simi realizes that she had lost the opportunity by being late by just a few minutes! She looks at the ground and then all a sudden she sees a car in front of her..She raises her eyes to look at the car…What does she see? It was her cute guy in the driver’s seat.She was very happy to see him and what made her even more glad is him signalling her to get in. Oh my God! She goes and gets inside the car.She had loved the ambience and the frangrance inside his car on the other day.She remembers the incidents that took place on that day. Sanjana-I am glad you came! Simi-Its okay..Thanks for asking me to join you guys. The guy-(smiles)Thank you so much for helping my sister in the morning.She talked about you a lot today. Simi just smiles back at him.She was not able to control her happiness.She accidentally looked at the rear view mirror inside the car and saw his eyes looking at her for a few seconds.Then he concentrated on road.The moment she had that eye contact with him she was on cloud nine. “Why was he looking at me like that? Has he started liking me?”, she whispered to herself… She still had the letter in her hand.She finally sees the sender’s name.She gets to know that it was from her dad.She wanted to read it but felt that at home ,in solitary, it would be better to read…Then she could imagine him sitting next to her , telling what is there in the letter. They reached her place.Simi and Sanjana got down.The cute guy parked the car and joined them soon. Sanjana-Come over to our place.There is no one in your home now anyway.You will get bored there alone. Simi-Hmmm I will change and come.(She wanted to read the letter badly.After so long her dad had sent her a letter) Sanjana-Sure.We will see you later then. The guy-Come soon. Simi-(smiles)Yeah I will…. Then she walked quickly to her home.She was happy hearing to the words ‘come soon’ from her cute guy’s mouth.The thought of he too wanting her to be there at his place drove her mind crazy. After a while, she sat on the couch and opened the letter.She saw one small envelope within it and his written letter too. She first started reading the letter.She imagined him sitting next to her.Tears rolled down over her cheeks.She read the words and felt like her dad was talking to her. Simi’s dad-Hi my little darling.How are you? How is my beautiful wife? Hope you both are doing good.I am sorry that I couldn’t write you a letter any sooner.Anyway I am always there for you guys.The reason for me to write this letter is that I have seen a guy for you.Actually the guy was interested to marry you.I have seen him right from his childhood.He met me here once, spoke about his love for you and put forward a marriage proposal.Since I knew about him I couldn’t refuse but I have told him that you also need to give your consent to him.He agreed.I have sent his photo too with this letter.I want you to see it .I am not going to force you.You decide and let me know too..The guy didn’t want me to reveal much about him to you.He knows that I am writing this letter to you.Your mom also knows about this but I had told her not to discuss about it with you so soon.That’s it for now..Hoping to meet you both soon…Keep smiling…Love you.. Simi- (Starts to cry) But I have started liking someone .I can’t think of another person in my life! She weeps badly.Then sees the envelope and decides to tear it.But there was a message on it too.”Please see the photo once darling.Its your dad’s request”, reading this she decides to see his photo for once, just for her dad’s sake.She opens it slowly with not even a teeny weeny bit of interest.

Simi's desire Part 7(Final part)

Simi’s face lit up! She was shocked! “Its him! Oh my God it is him….”, she screams and starts jumping .”Thankyou God…I love you so much dad….”,she kissed the letter and photo too…She had never been so happy in her whole life…The guy she had just started liking was already in love with her…She didn’t want to waste any time.She immediately washed her face, changed her clothes and made sure she looked beautiful..There was a special someone in her life so she had started getting a desire to look very pretty to his eyes ! She blushed at herself looking into the mirror… She went to Sanjana’s house.Knocked on the door.Sanjana opened the door. Sanjana-Wow! You are looking amazing! My brother will fall flat seeing you tonight! Simi guessed it by now that Sanjana too knew about her brother’s love for our Simi…So Simi just smiles at her. Sanjana-He is waiting for you upstairs…Go…(smiles) Simi walks up to his room….While walking on the stairs she remembers the times she had spent with him.She knew now about how he knew where she stayed and why he was so sweet to her! …She had the answer to the question she had got in her mind while she walked from the garden to class..About why the girl had come to garden to have lunch with her…He wanted Sanjana to meet Simi..Today in car he had an eye contact with her proving that he liked her ..She reached to his room…. He opened the door without waiting for her to knock on the door. The guy-You look beautiful! He stared at her and smiled. The guy-Come on in. Simi smiled and kept quiet .After a while, Simi-I read dad’s letter now. The guy-I had guessed it…. Simi-Hmmm What is …your…name? The guy-(Laughs innocently) Finally you asked!….(Then with a little serious tone) Its’ Pranav…Like it? Simi-Love it …(smiles)What.. is that you wanted.. to ask me on the other day? Pranav-Hmmmm you know wat…….I have decided to ask you a different question…Can I…? Simi already knew about this question but still Simi-Different question? Fine….Shoooottt!!!(widens her eyes) Pranav-Hmm …What time is it now? Simi-(shocked) What?? I don’t know…(gets angry) Pranav-Okay what day is it? Simi-(gets irritated) I ..don’t know! Pranav-Fine………..Will you marry me? Simi-I donn kn–(stops and blushes) Its April 25th..Wednesday….and for the last one…I WILL !!!

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Mix baking soda with water. Stir nicely …

Tomato Gojju

Time: 15 minutes
Servings: For 4

Things needed:

Mustard seeds
Curry leaves
Urad dal
4-5 tomatoes
Chilly powder
Rasam powder


Tomatoes must be thoroughly washed and cut into small pieces. If ground version is required then put these cut tomatoes into a mixer grinder.

1)Heat oil. Add mustard seeds to it. 
2)When mustard seeds start to flutter , add curry leaves and urad dal.
3)Add the nicely slit tomatoes.
4)Stir the mixture. Add 1 cup of water.
5)Close the lid for few minutes.
6)Add salt, rasam powder and chilly powder.
7)Check the tomato gojju's consistency. Make sure its thick. Turn off stove.

Now the dish is ready. Serve as a side dish for chapatis!

Acne Mantra

Hi everyone,

Acne is a common problem faced by many people around the world. When a teenager sees a pimple on their skin, they get tensed thinking like that is the end of the world! You need not worry about that nasty little thing because everyone goes through this issue in their lives. Oh yes, there are some ladies blessed with dry skin that do not cause any pimples. Are oily skinned ladies cursed then? No. Definitely not! They are also blessed! They will wrinkle later than these dry skinned ones. Getting back to my topic of pimples, follow this routine to get rid of zits completely.

Make sure to drink lot of water, preferably 8 glasses of waterMaintain a healthy lifestyle by reducing intake of junk foodUse a mild face wash or soap meant for acne prone skinUse a sunscreen with a spf of 30 atleast after washing face Apply coconut or olive oil to your skin before face wash. This would remove dirt and debris neatly from your skinUse a brush like Clarisonic or Olay Pro X in order to minimi…

How to get fairer underarms

Hi readers,
This post is regarding the ways to get fairer underarms. Dark underarms will usually make one feel bad. It is a must to keep it fair and neat. Follow below solutions to get fair underarms.
Solution 1:
Mix rice flour, baking soda, honey, milk and water. Apply on the areas that need this treatment. Wait for it to dry. Repeat again the next day. Stick to this routine for about 3 weeks. You will surely see a difference.
Solution 2:
There is a product called Qraa whitening for underarms. This product does a good job and makes sure that your underarms are brightened without any harsh chemicals. It works sooner than natural way and saves a lot of time. Just wash the area and apply this cream. No need to wash it. Repeat daily till you see expected results.
Apart from these solutions, you need to scrub the dark areas ,apply a cleanser and remove dirt using cotton swab. Then follow either of the above solutions.
Remember, it is possible to keep your underarms fair. Those areas are dark o…