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Lazy girl

A girl is listening to music played on a radio,
Sitting on a couch placed in a patio,
She has got nothing else to do,
Has never tried to do anything new,
Everyone advise her to keep herself busy,
But she is a person who is always fussy.

She is happy the way she is,
For her, life is such a bliss!
She is happy doing the things she likes,
But what is she doing with her life?.. yikes!

Oh! She is got to be the laziest girl in her town,
Most of her friends work for peanuts in a field of corn,
And when one of them asks her to join,
"Gosh! It's too hot outside and I don't feel fine",
She tells them,shuts and locks the door, throws away the key ,
Because, she feels home is the best place to be!!
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