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A girl in Manhattan

There was a girl at Manhattan,
Who had played with many a men,
Count must be nine or ten!
Oh she had made them go crazy , man!

"What does she have that has made her each man's darling?"
Is what all the town girls keep wondering!
"Oh! She has got such amazing eyes that surely are capturing!
Looking at them, I just freeze and decide to get her a ring!
Then she would be mine forever and FYI I'm not kidding!"
Tells one of her crazy men,
To these jealously filled women.

"Oh! She has got no shame!,
Playing with men such a filthy game!"
One of the women replied, with her head held high!
Slaps this man and starts to cry!
Another asks,"Why did she slap him?, my oh my!",
Someone answers,"Oops! She was his wife, oh passer by!",

Then came in the pretty lass!
The man in the bar increase the bass!
She walks in with a pair of high heels shoe!
It was pretty much brand new!
All men stop dancing to get a perfect view!
Even those ,waiting for…

Blogging problem!

“Lets leave Sonia..”, said Neha to her best friend .Sonia was busy writing a story on her blogsite. She had finished her office work soon that day to finish a story that she had been writing for past a couple of days.

Sonia-Give me two more minutes…I will be done with it…
Neha-Fine….But finish it soon because it might rain today…God! look at those dark angry clouds!
Sonia-hmmmm done!

Sonia finally finished the story and was satisfied with the ending of her story.She looked at its preview and checked for any grammatical errors. Then when she found it was perfect,  clicked the ‘publish’ button and then signed off.

Sonia-Now lets leave….

Both left to their home.They stayed in a rented house.Both were tired so they decided to eat and sleep soon .
Neha-I will prepare magi for us.
Sonia-Okay thanks sweety!

Sonia was getting texts to her phone relating to the blog she had just posted.She was glad reading the messages from her fans! She was very happy but then there was a small space in her …

Your Presence

Your presence make me feel dizzy,
Make me go totally crazy,
I tend to be hazy..
So I just stand there and smile at you,
That is because I'm totally onto you,
I don't know what I would ever do,
In a world without you..

I'm glad that I met you,
You have made me feel life is new!
All I want to say is that... I love you!

Hey You!

Hey you! Listen to her,
She has a heart that is so pure,
Don't ignore her now and be a loser,
Instead give her a chance and you will never regret, for sure!

Love her more than you ever could,
That will really make your life good,
Don't try to hurt her anytime,
If you want yourself to shine!

She will be there for you when you need her,
You just have to believe her,
All she wants is your love and trust,
Oh and don't forget to adjust!

She is sweet, caring and quite clever,
Keeping you happy always is her endeavor,
Love her a lot and she will be yours forever,
Hey! Would she ever leave you? Never!

Lazy girl

A girl is listening to music played on a radio,
Sitting on a couch placed in a patio,
She has got nothing else to do,
Has never tried to do anything new,
Everyone advise her to keep herself busy,
But she is a person who is always fussy.

She is happy the way she is,
For her, life is such a bliss!
She is happy doing the things she likes,
But what is she doing with her life?.. yikes!

Oh! She is got to be the laziest girl in her town,
Most of her friends work for peanuts in a field of corn,
And when one of them asks her to join,
"Gosh! It's too hot outside and I don't feel fine",
She tells them,shuts and locks the door, throws away the key ,
Because, she feels home is the best place to be!!

Simi's desire

Simi was sitting on her bed with laptop on her lap. She kept looking at the blank screen as though waiting for something or someone to come out of it. She did not have any friends at college.She was feeling lonely.The laptop was her best friend.She had lovely ebooks on it that would take her to a different world.She thought that she did not need anyone. She would not go anywhere without it.

One night , while Simi sat on the windowsill watching outside, she heard an unfamiliar voice. The voice was so sweet. It was a guy’s voice. She wondered how a guy’s voice could be so nice.She looked towards the side from where she was hearing this pleasant voice.

Simi is very eager to know about the amazing voice. She is trying hard to see him, moving her head up and down, left to right but not able to get even a small glimpse of the guy. All she can see is a big tree with long branches and thick leaves .’Oh giant tree please let me see his face just once’, she pleaded the tree but the tree was so a…